What are Slip and Fall Injuries According to the Law?

someone-slipping-and-fallingEvery year, many people are injured in slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall injuries are accidents that occur on someone else’s property due to their irresponsibility, negligence or carelessness are appropriately named as premises liability, and there is more to them than just slipping and falling.
These types of injuries can happen just about anywhere, at any time. They can occur at home, in someone else’s home, and even in public places. The extent of the injury can vary a great deal and range from nothing more than a bump or bruise to a severe injury that is comprised of broken bones or even paralysis. When the injuries are severe, they can have a devastating effect on one’s life, keeping him or her from being able to carry on normal activities, such as working.

Of all the slip and fall injuries that occur annually, approximately sixty percent are the result of someone slipping or tripping. This includes individuals who trip over a foreign object that is on the walking path, a slippery surface condition caused by a spill or weather conditions, a mental or physical impairment of the individual, or a flaw in the surface of the walking path.

Accountability comes in when the injured party could have and should have been warned as to the potential danger of the area. If the injured party was informed, or if they should have known to avoid the area, the liability lies solely with the injured party.

The process of determining the level of one’s responsibility is often complicated, making slip and fall lawsuits a bit tricky to process. This typically leads settlements to be established based upon assumptions of common sense. On top of these issues, there are often numerous people involved in a suit, because it is not always clear who is truly responsible.

It is not uncommon for a tenant or business to be sued, along with the property owner, landlord, or maintenance department responsible for maintaining the property. This is precisely where a professional attorney who handles this area of personal injury law comes into play. Someone will be able to analyze the details of your case and help you to find all the parties who can and should be held accountable for your injuries.

Another area of slip and fall law focuses on injuries that occur on public property. When this occurs, most states and jurisdictions require the injured party to notify the entity who is in charge of the property, such as the town or state, within a specified amount of time.